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Upcoming scheduled episode of Sports Chat TV, will be a focus on High School Football, BCS chances (College Football), and Golf with Jesse Wojdylo as well as whoever wants to join the hangout panel. If you want to participate in the HOA (Hangout On-Air), then circle the Sports Chat TV page on Google+.  Be ready Wednesday December 5th at 9PM EST! 


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Schedule 16.0

Coming up on Sports Chat TV this week will be an episode about the sport of Cricket and the T20 World Cup of Cricket.  Since this an international, I want to make it easier for a worldwide audience to attend. So be ready for episode as early as 3PM EDT on Wednesday October 3rd in your stream on Google + or You Tube!

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Schedule Update 6.0

Hey there Sports Chat TV Fans/Friends! It’s finally that WEEK! Yes, the 2012 London Olympics begin in 5 days! So, this week we are going to cover the Games from all angles! Wednesday July 25th at 9PM EST is going to be a Hangout On-Air about predictions and introductions of athletes to look for, all G+ enthusiasts are welcome to join the panel.  Friday July 27th at 21:00, I WOULD LOVE to have as many Opening Ceremony enthusiasts join the HOA for some conversation on the spectacle! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, contact me either by Brooke@sportschat.tv or any social media pages!


Schedule Update 7.0…

Be on the lookout for another SPORTS UPDATE this week as life schedules are busy right now. Then it’s all about the 2012 London Olympics starting July 27th!! After the Olympic Games, I will have Valerie Andarle as my guest for a College Football Hangout On-Air. If you would like to join this Hangout or any other Hangout On-Air (HOA), please email Brooke@sportschat.tv or hit up the Google + Page or subsequent other pages!

In case you missed the big news from last week, we are NOW MOBILE! What does this mean? Well, anybody who owns a Smart Phone can now view this site in a friendly manner. In fact, if you scroll to the bottom of our home page, and scan our QR code (Barcode), you will be instantly connected. If you are a Android owner, the Google Play APP is on its way!



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Schedule Update 6.0

Tonight’s episode is going to be another short SPORTS UPDATE vloggy style. ;-)

Starting July 27th, the 2012 London Olympics begin. I will be covering as much as possible, which will include the Opening and Closing ceremonies. All about the pageantry at this point.

Valarie Anderle will be a guest for the upcoming College Football episode in which we will cover the season’s match-ups, post season updates, and more! If you would like to join us in the Hangout On-Air, please email Brooke@sportschat.tv or send a message to our Google + Page. Time and Date for this episode is to be determined.



Schedule Update 5.0…

Be on the look out for another sports update this week. Please, please, please, send us requests for episodes or to be included in an episode!

Be on the lookout for the collaboration with Jason Salas & Brian McDonald on the Tech of Sports for Plus Pals Debate.


REMEMBER: The 2012 Olympic Games in London start July 27th! Love to have as much interaction with everybody as possible.




Wednesday June 13th at 9PM EST will focus on Golf and US Open with Rae Ouzts Patricia Hannigan & others.
Thursday June 14th 9PM EST  is Golf/US Open part 2 with Jesse Wojdylo & possible special guests!

Saturday June 16th 9PM EST There will be another NBA Playoffs/Finals episode with Jody Ancar & Exaviar Pope , and anybody who wants to join.
Look out for the collaboration with Jason Salas & Brian McDonald in Plus Pals Debate on the “Tech of Sports”!

As of July 27, 2012 the OLYMPIC GAMES IN LONDON will be in Opening Ceremony, and the plan is Hangout On-Air during the broadcast. If anybody knows any reporters heading to London, please tell them to get in contact with me (Brooke Brown), would love to be GROUND BREAKING to hangout from the games. There will be EXTENSIVE coverage of the games from us. Please let me know if you would like to join a Hangout On-Air!