The first PGA golfer to host a Google+ Hangout On Air

The title can say it all, but let’s be real, this was EPIC for many reasons. First of all, this all started with posts on his Google + page, Facebook, and Twitter inviting fans to hangout through questions and the #TigerHangout hashtag. As you can imagine MANY (including me) jumped at the opportunity to be one of the lucky nine to be in the hangout.


Here’s where things get interesting, the Google + community rallied behind certain individuals who are die hard fans and golfers themselves to participate in the hangout on air.  Good news was that they chose correctly, BAD news is that they executed it poorly. Which left certain people really disappointed they couldn’t make it due a last minute time change, and fail to communicate with everybody chosen.


Another downside to this event was the questions chosen as well as the demographics represented in the Hangout were..well…EXPECTED.  This also happened in the hangout with President Barack Obama, and other “celebrities”.  As owner of this site, you should know by now that this site is dedicated to using Hangout On-Air technology to bring athletes and fans together via uncensored conversation.  Well, today’s hangout with Tiger Woods failed to realize that the connection can develop far beyond interview questions and fandom.

Feel free to watch the hangout from earlier!  How do you feel this impacted the Google + community specifically in sports?


GOLF news of the day…

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